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Uninhabited Islands and Rocks

Uninhabited Islands and Rocks


It is believed that the islands all used to be joined as one, often called the lost land of Lyonnesse. Today there are several hundred islands and rocks. Some of the larger islands and rocks that are named are listed here but it is not an extensive list:

  • Annet (West of St.Agnes)
  • Black Rocks (Northern Rocks)
  • Burnt Island (West of St.Agnes)
  • Castle Bryher (South of Bryher)
  • Crow Island (East of Tresco)
  • Crump Island (South of Tean)
  • Foreman's Island (East of Tresco)4960233872_fee17a4757_b
  • Gerwick (South West of Bryher)
  • Gorregan (Western Rocks)
  • Great Arthur (Eastern Isles)
  • Great Britain Rock (East of St.Mary's)
  • Great Crabawethan (Western Rocks)
  • Golden Ball (North of Tresco)
  • Great Ganilly (Eastern Isles)
  • Great Ganinick (Eastern Isles)
  • Great Innisvouls (Eastern Isles)samson
  • Great Minalto (South of Samson)
  • Great Merrick Ledge (East of St.Martins)
  • Green Island (East of Samson)
  • Green Island (South of Tresco)
  • Gugh (attached to St.Agnes)
  • Guther's Island (Between Tresco and St.Martins)
  • Gweal (West of Bryher)
  • Hanjague (Eastern Isles)
  • Hangman's Island (East of Bryher)bryher
  • Hedge Rock (South of Tean)
  • Illiswilgig (Northern Rocks)
  • Innisidgen (North East of St.Mary's)
  • Kittern Rock (North of Gugh)
  • Little Arthur (Eastern Isles)
  • Little Crebawethan (Western Rocks)
  • Little Ganilly (Eastern Isles)
  • Little Ganinick (Eastern Isles)
  • Little Innisvouls (Eastern Isles)stagnes
  • Little Maiden Bower (Northern Rocks)
  • Maiden Bower (Northern Rocks)
  • Melledgen (South of Annet)
  • Men-a Vaur (Northern end of Tresco)
  • Menawethan (Eastern Isles)
  • Merrick Island (New Grimsby Tresco)
  • Merrick Island (Stony Porth)
  • Middle Arthur (Eastern Isles)
  • Mincarlo (West of Samson)trescobayjpg
  • Newford Island (West of St.Mary's)
  • Nornour (Eastern Isles)
  • Northwethal (North East of Tresco)
  • Old Man (South of Tean)
  • Outer Covel Rock (South of Bryher)
  • Peashopper Island (East of Tresco)
  • Pednbrose (North of Tean)
  • Pernagie (North of St.Martins)
  • Plumb Island (off St.Martin's)
  • Plumb Island (West of Tresco)_agw3785
  • Puffin Island (North East of Samson)
  • Rosevean (Western Rocks)
  • Rosevear (Western Rocks)
  • Round Island (North end of Tresco, with a Lighthouse)
  • Scilly Rock (West of Gweal)
  • St.Helens (between Tresco and St.Martins)
  • Samson (between Bryher and St.Mary's)
  • Seal Rocks (Northern Rocks)
  • Shipman Head (attached to Bryher)pictures 006
  • Taylor's Island (East of St.Mary's)
  • Tean (West of St.Martins)
  • Toll's Island (West of St.Mary's)
  • White Island (North East of St.Martins)
  • White Island (West of Samson)




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